A Night in Wilderness

a night in wilderness

in the Pyrenees

Come to Vertige de l’Adour and enjoy your weekend adventure!

If you long for spending a weekend out of a city in fresh mountain air, we have the right solution for you.

We propose a night in a mountain wood-smelling hut in the altitude of 1200m with a breakfast and via ferrata afterwards.

Perfect for a couple or a family of four, the hut offers you a modest romantic shelter with fireplace and a comfortable bed, all that in the nice setting of the Pyrenees.

It has no running water, no electricity and no flushing toilet (but dry one) but in return it offers amazing surroundings and a perfect view over the mountains. Btw mobile phone network works just great!

We supply you with drinking water and lamps though to make your stay more comfortable. Moreover, fresh coffee and tea are commonplace to start your day well.

Among other advantages is easy access by car, it is a 10-minutes walk from the car park to the hut.

Check the photos below or come and see! We are situated in Artigues, a small camping site 10kms below ‘Col du Tourmalet.’


€136 A Night in Wilderness (the price includes via ferrata for 2 persons and an overnight stay in the hut)

€ 154 B&B (the price includes via ferrata for 2 persons, an overnight stay in the hut and a traditional breakfast for two)

To book your stay, call us on +33632710796 or contact us on Facebook!

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us either on our Facebook page or by phone on +33632710796. We are looking forward to your visit!



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